Responding to Your Questions

What questions do you have about forgiveness?


One response to “Responding to Your Questions

  1. Thank you for sharing the “Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness” seminar with us here in Greenleaf, Idaho this past Fall. I am currently in a small group of men going through your workbook entitled “Developing a Lifestyle of Forgiveness.” We have found it both helpful and thought provoking.

    In week four, dealing with “personal forgiveness,” you compare Christ’s execution; the payment for our sins, to the paying off of a bank loan. We owed a debt we couldn’t pay. Jesus paid it for us by His execution. In this senario our sins were paid for in full at the Cross. The debt we owed was paid and is “forgiven.” We need to do noting more. The debt is paid whetehr we believe it or accept it or reject it.

    We had difficulty agreeing with and embracing this analogy. While we agree that Christ is the payment for sins and that work was taken care of on the Cross, the way we read it, we still have to repent/accept/receive that gift for it to go into effecct. As we discussed and processed it in our grop on of the guys brought up that it was more like Jesus’ payment for sins going into escrow. The funds to pay our debt are there waiting for us to use it. We have to draw upon it by acknowleding it and making request to use it. We thought this analogy lined up better with our understanding of Scripture. If we missed your point, would you please try explaining it to us again? Thanks.

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