Looking For A Man Who Will Really Love You?

Most women want a man who can love ONLY her.

However, a man who can love only one woman is not really loving her. He is only loving something “about” her — her looks, her intelligence, her laugh, her history, something she does for him, her money, the way she dresses, etc. If someone ‘loves’ you ‘because’ of something about you, then their love is not real, it is not unconditional.

Real love is unconditional. Conditional love (which is not really love) says, “I love you because…” and “I love you if…” and I love you when…” and “I love you as long as you…” Conditional love is not really loving the person. It is simply an attraction to something about that person.

Well, what if that “something” changes?

What if your looks change, or your money disappears, or you stop doing what he likes, or he discovers something about your history that upsets him? What then? If he “loved” you “because” of those things, then he will stop loving you when those things change.

Real love says, “I love you” period.

There are no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts” in real love. Just, “I love you!”

Real love actually says, “I love you and there is nothing you can do to stop me. I will pursue you. I will seek your best interests above my own. I will sacrifice myself to meet your needs. And nothing you are, nothing you have done or will do will change my commitment to love you!”

This is how God loves us…unconditionally.

This is how we are to love each other…unconditionally.

And this is the kind of love every woman needs. She needs a man who will love her no matter what.

Do not look for a man who can love “only” you. That kind of love is fleeting and vulnerable, built on sand. It will fail. Pray for a man who can love any and every woman in a healthy, godly way, just as Jesus does, but chooses to love only you in a special way. That kind of love will never fail, no matter how you change, or the circumstances around you change. Real love never changes because it is unconditional. Real love never fails.


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