What is “Life?”

What is “life?”

When Jesus said, “I am the way.  I am the truth and I am the life,” what did He mean by that?

And when He said, “The thief comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy; I came that they might have life abundantly,” what did He mean by that?

Life is not in an object (gold, money, house, nice clothes, car, etc.)

Life is not in a place (Heaven, Hawaii, the mountains, a favorite vacation spot, etc.)

Life is not in a thrill (sky diving, roller coaster, sex, driving fast, etc.)

Life is not in an accomplishment (the highest grades, closing the biggest deal, climbing the highest mountain, etc.)

Life is not in a position (being the biggest, the fastest, the prettiest, the CEO, the leader, etc.)

Life is not in anything you put into your body (food, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, etc.)

Life is not in how you look (bigger, smaller, younger, older, etc.)

Life is not in what you do (paint, sing, design, build, organize, etc.)

Life is not in recreation, or work, or youth, or strength, or freedom, or marriage, or singleness, or health.

According to God, life is an experience.

Life is an experience that happens when real love happens.

“Life” and “love” are almost the same thing in the Bible.

Where there is real life (what the Bible would call “eternal life,” that means, “His” life) then there is real love.

Where there is real love, then there is the experience of life (the thing we all were made for and all long for).

When there is no love, there is no life.

Where there is no life, there is no love.

And since love cannot happen in a relational vacuum, this means that life, real life, can only be experienced in loving relationships with other persons (God first, then other people).

This is why Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to “love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind,” and then to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

So, if you want to experience life, then pursue the deepest, practical, loving relationship with God. Then pursue the deepest loving relationships with as many people as possible.

Love is the willingness to sacrifice self for the well being of others.

God is love.

“For God so loved the world that He gave…”

God already loves you perfectly all the time. However, do you feel His love? Are you loving Him in return?

Unfortunately, we are imperfect lovers…and so are the people around us. We cannot make people love us.

The good news about love is that the deepest experience of love is in giving it, not receiving it. (Remember what Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”)

Other people may not love you, but you can always love them. And in loving them in sincere, practical ways through the Jesus who lives inside you, you will experience real love. And in experiencing real love, you will experience real life — God’s life, eternal life.

Jesus said, “The thief” (sin, living for self) “comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that you might have life, and have it abundantly” (to the maximum extent, overflowing, beyond your imagination!)

God is love.  Jesus is God.  Jesus is love.  Jesus is life.  Jesus makes it possible for us to love.  Jesus makes it possible for us to experience real life.

Let Jesus live in you and through you. Love God and love others today, everyday. Experience life to the fullest!


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