Sins Damage the Human Soul

If you were to ask Christians what is wrong with sin, they might answer and say sins are wrong, or evil, or bad, or hurtful, or rebellious, or against God. All of these are correct. However, they miss one of the most important aspects of sin. Sins are destructive.

Sins damage and eventually destroy everything they touch. Sins damage loving relationships. Sins damage the physical body. Sins damage the environment. Sins damage marriages and families. And sins damage the human soul.

The human soul, which was created in the image of God, is our capacity to think, to choose and to feel. It is also the core of our being as a person, able to have loving relationships with other persons. Something this dynamic and this powerful must consist of more than just a few simple pieces. Like the human body, the human soul must be comprised of billions of finely designed and intricately connected pieces. Just because we cannot see the human soul doesn’t mean that it is uncomplicated or unstructured. And just like the human body, when one piece of the human soul is damaged, the entire soul is damaged and functions less well.

Sins are to the human soul like what a knife is to the body. If someone were to stab you, you would feel pain and your abilities would be lessened, depending on how much damage was caused by the knife. In the same way, when you sin, or when someone sins against you, your soul becomes damaged. You thinking becomes unclear. Your decisions are less constructive. Your feelings are uncomfortable, perhaps agonizing.

If someone where to stab you, you would need healing to recover your abilities and freedoms. You would need to be healed for the pain to go away. The same is true for the soul. We all need inner healing – a saving of the soul.

How does God do this? It doesn’t just happen because of the passage of time. Nor does it happen just because a person becomes a Christian. God heals the human soul when the injured person practice all aspects of God’s forgiveness. God heals us when we confess our sins and receive His forgiveness. God further heals us when we forgive the people who sin against us. And God further heals us when we ask the people we’ve sinned against to forgive us.

Sins damage the human soul, but God heals the human soul and restores broken relationships when we practice all aspects of His forgiveness. Jesus makes forgiveness possible. Jesus said it this way in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy, but I came that they might have life and have it abundantly.”


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