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Steve is the founder and director of Forgiveness Ministries.  As such, Steve travels worldwide to facilitate inner healing, life transformation and reconciliation by teaching people how to practice all aspects of biblical forgiveness.  He has ministered to youth and adults for over 32 years, serving as the pastor of the Walnut Creek Friends Church for twenty of those years.  He has memorized over 130 chapters of the Bible including most of the books of the New Testament.  He and his wife, Becky, have been married since 1980, have six children and live in California.  Steve is a biologist by education and enjoys hiking, backpacking, swimming, bike riding and waves.

Forgiveness Ministries

Forgiveness Ministries was founded in 2001 and is dedicated to

  • helping people develop a lifestyle of forgiveness
  • helping local churches, “communities of the forgiven,” to become “communities of forgiveness”

by providing speakers, seminars and workshops, leadership training, books, workbooks and audio materials.


One response to “About

  1. James W Arnold

    I visited Friday. 3/23/2012. I connected with your explaination forgiveness principles. 1 2 and 3 . Your comments about backing away to wait and see
    response and looking for change of heart.Redmond,wa. self- condemnation.
    Thank You.

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