This blog-site is offered by Forgiveness Minisistries as a resource to those who would like to learn how to better practice all aspects of authentic forgiveness.  Practicing forgivness includes receiving God’s forgiveness, forgiving others, asking others for forgiveness, overcoming self-condemnation,  restoring broken relationships and rebuilding trust.

Please browes through the categories and respond to the entries that are of interest to you.

 You may want to visit our website at www.ForgivenessMinistries.com to see more of who we are and our other resources.


One response to “Welcome

  1. I want to give glory to God for the work of the Forgiveness Ministries team. Steve came to our church and gave a 1.5 day presentation on forgiveness which started a movement and awareness for forgiveness within our congregation. Then, Becky came to give a presentation for the Women’s Ministry. The transformation and recognition of the need for forgiveness was nothing short of a miracle. More work is needed, but healing is visible.

    Personally, I have wrestled with a broken relationship with my father for many years. It has been improving over time. But, recognizing that real health and healing was only available through the prescription of forgiveness in the Bible made a huge difference in our lives.

    My wife and I will continue our monthly support to this much needed ministry. We have landed with a new congregation and continue to find ways of serving. We have already had conversations regarding your ministry and bringing awareness to a new body of believers.

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